Ketone power


In Ketone Power, Cristi Vlad, self-experimenter, and avid researcher outlines a common denominator in terms of nutrition, health, and physical performance. After all, human DNA is 99% the same. So, there should be a prescription that works for the majority of us.


Cristi himself, fed up with not being able to lose the last few pounds of his belly fat, has started studying and experimenting with ketogenic nutrition and ketosis.


Ketosis is the metabolic state where your body uses fat and ketone bodies (by-products of fat) as the main source of fuel, and it is achieved by drastically eliminating sugar from the diet. Long-term constant ketosis leads to keto-adaptation.


Keto-adaptation brought various improvements in Cristi Vlad’s existence, such as: fat loss, elimination of hunger, elimination of cravings for high-carbohydrate foods, improved mental performance, ultra-high energy levels, less sleep required per night, better sleep, enhanced endurance, and strength training output, and probably the most important: ability to eat chocolate every day.